The YouNiversity Project

The YouNiversity Project is a continuation of a mentorship program started by founder Jonathan Marcantoni and LCG editor Chris Campanioni in 2014. The program guided aspiring writers on how to craft a brand for themselves on social media, traditional media, professional networking, organizing events, and conducting interviews. This program has been adapted to form the foundation of La Casita Grande's mission.

When authors are contracted, they are required to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. AUTHOR must establish professional Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts with proven daily interactions with followers. AUTHOR must demonstrate innovative communication with followers that encourages engagement in their work.
  2. AUTHOR must complete networking and marketing tasks given by the PUBLISHER in the allotted time given.
  3. By the end of the 9-month period, the AUTHOR must have participated in three public literary events (this can include open mic nights, street festivals, theatrical performances, or readings by other authors), organized three events for the promotion of their manuscript, scheduled two interviews (print, digital, radio, or television), and submitted the manuscript for reviews at no less than two publications (online or print).

The YouNiversity Project 2.0

YNP 2.0 is a program for self published authors or writers who have been published elsewhere who wish to improve their community and media engagement and promotional skills. While publication through LCG is strictly for the Latino and Carribean community, YNP 2.0 is for anyone, including authors from our parent company, Black Rose Writing.* For a negotiated fee meant to fit the author's budget, La Casita Grande will act as a promotional agent for a 9 month period. In this time, LCG will mentor the author on improving their social media presence, schedule interviews and arrange events, along with advising the author on how to interact with media and their local community. This mentorship program is designed to increase an author's readership base and networking channels. The author must have a completed or published manuscript. Those interested in this program should contact for further details. 

*BRW authors will receive a discount for services.