House Rules for the LCG Lounge

Jean Metzinger, "Tea Time", 1911

Jean Metzinger, "Tea Time", 1911


It can take writers years to complete a manuscript, and in the meantime, they may write shorter works in an effort to build their resumes. We have created the LCG Lounge as a space for writers to submit their short works, with the intent of developing these authors for future publication with either LCG or our parent company, Black Rose Writing.

For those looking to be interviewed, showcase a piece of visual art or a video, publish a short story, novel excerpt, poem, or short script, we provide that space. We also, for those seeking feedback, publish works for readers to critique and offer critiques of our own.

Our space, in this manner, can be used as a workshop, with us publishing multiple drafts as you polish and refine, so readers can follow you on that journey. This feature is free of charge, and you can use it for one draft or several, the choice is yours.

Rules for Submissions:

  • Anyone can submit in any genre or format (stories, novel excerpts, poems, plays, scripts, photographs, paintings, interviews, and videos)
  •  Short stories and novel excerpts keep under 15 pages and up to three poems per submission.
  • Short plays and play/script excerpts up to 20 pages.
  • For interview inquiries, tell us about your project and include a brief bio.
  • For artwork or visual arts, send us a link or the image itself that you wish to display in the Lounge.
  • To be considered, send your submissions to