Bridges Not Walls by Liz Miller

Bridges Not Walls

This piece is about the United States change in immigration policy towards people of color under the Trump Administration; that the policies specifically target individuals from Muslim countries, Central America, and Mexico. The white hand represents the United States. The thumbs-up hand posture gestures to the out-stretched brown hand. The white hand is covered in headlines from the weekend of Feb 24-26th - 2017 from the newspapers of USA Today, NY Times, and the Baltimore Sun, a mere month after his inauguration.  The side of the bridge, which the brown hand rests on, is rusted. The silver photo paper is meant to show that our bridges, a symbolism of our generosity, must reach over waters. The lines on the paper are meant to show longitude and latitude or vast distances. The stark reality of the current immigration policies are that they are grounded in racism. We have immigrants who are of European descent who are not here legally, but we are not seeking them out and deporting them. We are not separating Caucasian or European immigrants from their children and deporting the fair-skinned parents back to their countries. The issue of immigration is layered and complex. It is also dripping with irony that so many people have come to this country as immigrants, but we have somehow forgotten our history.

Size: 3’x3’x3.5’
Materials: Steel, LED lights, Styrofoam, photo paper, tissue paper, wire