The Works of David Iglesia

Astral Body is an experimental film about the journey of the spirit as it travels through different astral realms.


Voices of Our Elders: An Audio Poetry Chapbook-

This project consists of 'audio poems' that have been created from an Oral History interview with a gay 77 year old man about his life before Stonewall 1969. The use of silence has been used as punctuation and each story is a snapshot of life before the Gay Rights Movement. This is an on-going project, with hopes to be exhibited as a sound installation at the Leslie Lohman Galley in SoHo.



David Iglesia is a photographer, filmmaker/editor, graphic artist and poet from NYC. His imagery focuses on imagery that is emotive, experimental, intimate and colorful. In his work he uses a variety of mediums including: photography, illustration, video/film, poetry, video projection and hand cut collage. David holds a Master of Art's degree in Media Studies and Film from The New School where he focused on production and post-production.

In 2015, he published a book of his photography series The [Masc] We Wear available here: 

He also published a book of poetry Lost + Found available here:

More of his work can be seen at

Instagram: @gothamdreaming