The Corpse or the Anatomy of Forgetting Pts. 1-3 by Grecia Luna


Look at your hands

Look back at how you did everything wrong

Look back on how you stepped on his throat and jumped on the small pieces of skull to crush them into even smaller bits

You didn't waste an ounce of energy in your revenge did you?

Was it good?

Was it good hurting yourself? Hurting others? Nearly killing a men, you know,

Is humiliation alluring in some sort of wicked wicked sense to you???

I don't think you re quite paying attention to what's going on

You ripped his flesh right open and started eating his guts there was blood all over your face your eyes seemed as someone else 's they were so dark and fiery and your hands

they moved with a rhythm so strange not at all similar to your usual graces

It was as if they were dancing to an underworld anthem you somehow knew by heart

And his eyes were still open and he looked like he wanted to die but I doubt he planned things to come out this way you were always sopredictable there's no way he could have made a mistake when manipulating you to come to this point

It's sad that you think you came to this conclusion on your own

All those fits of rage, you think he would waste that?

He chose you. He knew you were the weakest one he knew he could perfectly drive your ego into a furnace made by the altars of your past so it all would light his fire with the candles you used to light a better way

 He knew how much you had pushed

 in the fashion that it would only take pressing on the right buttons to come to this end

You were magnificent


I know how your soul tastes

I know the way your insides stink

Even when everything is rotten

I still want it to be mine.

By heart I know the curvature in that one corner of your mouth

An everlasting home for you is the past

My arms endlessly stretch to hold you

A thousand miles away I still hold you

My lips always part to welcome you

My dreams you never leave

My soul you always haunt

My prayer for you sings

The miracle is waiting to write your name

The skies turn pink when you think of the horizon

I am sorry I never made it

When the cherubs told me to kiss your nose your hands held me away

My brain turned against me and then turned my insides out

Blood was all over,

to clean and to carefully recompose.

The reflection in the water is deviant like you.

You certainly were



Wonderful development it was

You even added a twist of innocencein the end because you acted out so well the part where

You seemed like you didn't knew what was going on

It wasn't you at all maybe

You thought so right ?

You though he brought it on himself for the cruelty of his hands in your flesh

Then came the burning acid and you knew you had to get your way it was unfair you couldn'tjust stand there and watch him destroy you and destroy himself too it was unfair you had to do something you had to wreck him

finish him once and for all

Best part of it: You did

But not without leaving a trail, no

You're probably gonna need some chlorine for the stains under your skin.

Under our skin.


Sometimes when I am with you

Everything softens

Edges suddenly replaced with soapy insides

Circular motion in the feeling of floating thru the waves

---What was the meaning of the word anger?

I don't remember holding back tears

I want to speak but resentment is a tight fabric tied around my mouth---

Cotton candy and boiling water coming together smoothly

Limbs getting warmer and warmer


A messy scene of wax figures exposed to the fireplace within

Its coming closer

Can you hear me now?

The unveiling is now unstoppable

I wanted us to be like one

I wanted your strength to be ours

No space for margins

No obstruction no curtains

All of it

I did

But now when you breathe you take all of the air in the room and I can't stand it

You absorb all of my brain and when all the wax becomes watery the ceiling is too low and i feel confined

There's a trail of fake blood it leads me outside

Ears rotting away

Something once whole now has centers and limits

It's too late for my mouth to be upside down

For the honey to slide through the stairs when you fall


But no longer in delight

I wanted us to drown.