Each week this summer, we will be showcasing our authors to give a more in depth background and insight into their minds and their work. This week, we focus on Venus Morales, whose The Hybrid will be LCG Press' first YA novel, debuting in Late Spring 2018. 

"The Hybrid is based on the daughter of Ares; the almighty God of war. Arielis Abrasax, half Goddess and half Phoenacian. Ares raises Ari in secrecy until her 18th birthday, when he is summoned back to Olympus and Ari ventures into the mortal realm. There, she crosses paths with an ArchAngel Julius, who bares a message from a seer. Except, Arielis suspects he’s hiding his own dark secret. Confused and conflicted by her ‘unexpected emotions’ for Julius. Ari’s inner dark essence begins tormenting her, pushing her closer to the edge of darkness.
Arielis must regain her late mother’s crown. She first must past a series of trials, but little does she know, she is fighting for more than her crown, she is fighting for her life. Given only seven days to prepare, Ari’s not only fighting her inner darkness, she has an ‘unknown enemy’ trying to kill her. Within those seven days Ari’s fighting for life until she does the one thing she knows she must do to survive; by forging herself into the weapon she was born to be."

1. Could you explain your style and approach to telling this story?

–Being a Fantasy-Young Adult Author, my imagination has only grown since I was a child. My
imaginary friends plague me daily, they’re the ones who whisper their stories to me. The story
may be untraditional, but it is straight forward, cooky with a snarky sense of humor. Making you smile, laugh and empathize with the characters.

2. What idea drove you to write your story and what do you hope readers take away from your

–I love mythology. There are so many stories in mythology, in various cultures you could fall in love with any or all of them, just as I have. Ares, being my favorite Greek God, and according to
mythology he only had sons, and no wife. Making him an angrier God than what he already
was. It inspired me to use him, since so many disliked him. I wanted to change his persona.
Make him different. Give him a daughter instead. Making his only daughter half goddess and
half Phoenician. A breed I newly created. You’ll have fun finding out more when you read the
novel. I hope readers will be inspired, and take interest in mythology and see there are stories
they won’t learn in school. Stories they may inspire them to become writers or something more.

3. What character / section / story challenged you the most and why?

–My greatest challenge was my character Alaris. Whom I can’t fully say who he is and what role
he plays yet. But, he plays a crucial role. It was difficult trying to make him play one role, while
integrating him into the triangle and yet not making things too awkward due to how I wanted to tie him into the big reveal that you will question yourself throughout the story.

4. What is your literary philosophy?

–Believing all authors are natural born artist, regardless what kind of genre you write. Writers
are meant to be unique, weird, cooky and untraditional. If all writers were meant to be the
same, then everyone would be reading and writing the same style and genres; it would be a
world with no color, a world without air.

5. What is your advice for young writers?

–The best advice I can give a young writer is, believe in yourself. Believe in your work. Take
every recommendation as a lesson, but never give up. Keep pushing forward, even if you get a
hundred ‘NO’s’ in the mail. Have faith, there will be plenty out there who will want you, just be