Those who mark you as enemy by Whisper

Those who mark you as enemy

Give direction as they mislead

Cut you only to bleed you clean

Gut you only to prove you queen.


Pull triggers to blow holes through you

Try, but instead make you bullet proof

Press you to dig deep, search for roots

Purify self every moment they pollute.


Find grace in face of mean brutes

Find place of peace among dispute

Earn power from persevering through

Every poisonous bite our love dilutes.


Be the antivenin to what we survive

Arrows shot in back, throat slit by knives,

perpetrators violating sanctity of light

Sharpening our weapons of love used to fight.


For there will always be monsters who terrorize,

Who roam our territories unique & diversified,

From desert mesas to shores of high tides,

Wishing to crush our bones or bury us alive.


Aiming to cripple our spirits or bleed us dry,

inflicting harm w hopes that we internalize,

Their ugliness & unhappiness they carry inside

For misery loves company when multiplied.


There will always be hardship characterized,

By empty bowls of poverty & heinous crimes

By grieving hearts yearning for lost lives,

By jealousy, ridicule, pettiness that does arise.


Yet there is purpose in all that transpires,

value in persevering through hatred & liars

each cut, each break, each bashing refines

Us into warriors destined to be in this lifetime.


Warriors who is contrast carry love and light,

Who war by spreading seeds, opening minds,

Who battle to awaken the beauty defined,

By the potential of humanity healed & refined.


Be the antivenin to those so cruel

Whose reckless lies our truth refutes 

Attacks solidify most high of resolute

Adversity further proving our strength true.


Be the antivenin to what we survive

Healing remedies forged by hard times

By trauma eating away at our insides

By inner demons whispering slithering lies


Be the antivenimum to what we survive

The map and compass drawing out each line

pathways of perseverance upon which we ride

Upon which we endure, overcome, nearly die


From ashes resurrect, open our eyes

Prevail through pain, purge vessels & cry,

speak w our grief, lick wounds, be kind,

To ourselves for the first time in our lives.


Be medicines that counteract poisoned minds

Medicines who soothe the burn of wartimes

Territories torn by the greed of corporate might

Be the witness when others turn a blind eye.


Be voice of truth untangling tongues tied

Be melodies that soothe baby's by lullaby

Be anchor grounding elevated egos glorified

Be kindness counteracting cruelty worldwide.


Be mountains remaining vigilantly fortified

Be cocoon embracing potential of butterfly

Be spirits dancing w joy in form of blue light

Be clarity given to every calcified minds eye


Be winds lifting wings of fantails & dragonflies

Be warmth of glowing coals from holy fires,

Be sweet evergreen smoke that does rise

Taking with us prayers relatives faithfully recite.


Be holy darkness that enshrouds us at night,

Be the stars that in contrast to the dark do shine.

Be sweat & tears that fall from the brows & eyes

Of those embodying faith & determination to try.


Be gentle rain quenching thirst of lands dry,

Be gullies & rivers swelling w generosity of sky,

Daunting rain clouds who bring rainbows bright,

Who bring relief when drought threatens life.


We are the answers to the prayers said,

By ancestors who from breasts, breath & head

Took pieces of selves, molded and fed,

Us into existence so the beauty may spread. 


Be reborn by tribulations, then leave them behind,

Remember who you be in absence of struggle & fight

Who you be in absence of ugliness & grime

Shed your skins, accumulation of sin, & hard times.