People Unlike Us by Oliver Rauehl

We want you to know, you are not welcome in our country. We want you to know that people like us get priority.  That you may stay in your state, whether you die, we want you to know that we don’t care.

We want you to know that we choose differences, and that we choose to discriminate. We want you to know that we give a blind eye to your suffering; to your family that was assassinated, to your friends that have drowned, and to you looking for hope.

We have forsaken you.

We have forsaken you because we can’t see that what makes us human is saving the other. We have forsaken you because we deny the liberty to your right to live. We have given you the kiss on the cheek, and like the man who died on the cross.

We crucify you.

We crucify you with our blind eyes, because of irrational fears, and in our hands as a nation this person has stained our hands with your blood, tears and with your life.

People unlike us; forgive us.

People unlike us; pray for us.

People unlike us, may god bless you more than us.

For we have let someone harm you , and that we can’t change.

Refugees unlike us

in our prayers you are,

we still are fighting for you;

we’re still with you.