Best of The Lounge 2017

The Lounge launched in October 2016 with our interview of Cati Gonzalez, director of the award-winning film Ekaj. Since then, we have interviewed and showcased writers, publishers, filmmakers, and visual artists. In our first complete year, the Lounge has grown in its mission and scope, and we have many more exciting series coming in 2018 to give voice to artists around the world. But first, we wish to look back at our ten most popular entries from the year.

1. End. by Akaylah Ellison

A mother traverses a barren Earth ravaged by poison rains in an effort to find refuge for her and her daughter, but safety, let alone hope, increasingly diminishes in this relentless, brutal tale of mankind's last days.

2. TABOO Series: The Poetry of Octavio R. Gonzalez

The Taboo series presents the poetry of Octavio R. González, which focuses on queer romance, drugs, and prostitution.


3. TABOO Series: Days of the Dead: I See Superman Flying in My Eyes by Consuelo Flores

Confronting the subject of suicide and religion, Consuelo Flores's story takes a moving, unflinching look at the effects of loss on an entire family.

4. Illegal Letters by Patrick Fontes

A young girl living in a stratified society where the rich get to live in cities with clean air while the poor are forced to live in communities afflicted by acid rain and poisonous smog, becomes conscious of the injustice of the coerced illiteracy imposed upon the poor.

5. The Hypermarket by Gabriel Ochoa

A man finds a hidden manuscript within an ancient text that details a world that has been converted into a supermarket.

6. The Wall Parts 1-3 by Alan Sidransky

A government worker in post-Trump America must choose between his humanity and his profession when a starving immigrant shows up at his door.

7. El apocalipsis según mi nombre de Elaine Vilar Madruga

Poemas inéditos de la poeta cubana Elaine Vilar Madruga.


8. I AM A REBEL LANGUAGE: Scar On/Scar Off and the World of Jennifer Maritza McCauley

A review of Scar On/Scar Off, plus an interview with author Jennifer Maritza McCauley.

9. A Day for Santo from City of Mercy

A Day for Santo tells the story of an artist who hires a hitman to kill his ex-wife, but the artist's sense of reality begins to come undone and he is faced with an unexpected choice. From Season 1 of the web series City of Mercy, which can be watched in its entirety here:

10. The Corpse or the Anatomy of Forgetting by Grecia Luna

We showcase a new young writer with this piece about devotion, obsession, and death.

Special mention:

El perro y el mar de Eric Flores Taylor

La ruptura de Elaine Nadal

Rabiosa by Nelson Díaz-Marcano

Houses Without Walls by Susannah Rodriguez Drissi