As you all know, Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria leaving the island devastated and its people struggling for basic necessities just a few weeks ago! It is time to RALLY!

Come this Friday for a night full of art, love, and support. Puerto Rican artists are joined by artists from different communities ready to lend a hand in lifting the beatiful enchanting island in the Caribbean Sea(Not an Ocean)!

Artists Include:

New plays by: Desi Moreno-Penson, Matt Barbot, Jonathan Marcantoni, and Iraisa Ann Reilly

Music and Poetry Acts: Jessica Carmona, Emma Claye with Bill Goffi, Masi Asare and Allyson Pace, Juliana Phillipi, Daniela Thome and a scene from the Muscial "Group Therapy"

Comedy sets by: Sam Morrison and Hann Cowger

All profits will go to the People of Puerto Rico.

Produced by Rebecca Aparicio, Ashley Arvidson, Elizabeth Sarkady, Nelson Diaz-Marcano and the good folks from Horse Trade Theater Group!

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October 6
The Kraine Theater

1. Why are you putting on this event?

People are suffering, people are struggling and they need our help. You can’t see the images coming from Puerto Rico and not feel compelled to do something. As a team, we all felt called to action and joining forces as artists to create theatre to is the best way we know how to take action. This project is also deeply personal for us, as one of our producers, Nelson Diaz-Marcano is from Puerto Rico. 

2. What plays are being performed and what are they about?

We are featuring 5 very diverse pieces all by Latinx writers. 


Written by: Desi Moreno-Penson


This play is about the historical Puerto Rican Nationalist Lolita Lebron who is rudely awakened from a fiful sleep by her younger self, and the argument between them that ensues. 


Written by: Iraisa Ann Reilly



Iraisa Ann Reilly wrote this play after the devastation from Hurricane Sandy to her native Jersey Shore.


Written by: Matt Barbot

matt barbot.jpg

A powerful monologue featuring Maria from West Side Story, after everything she’s gone through, trying everything to return home to Puerto Rico. 

La Vida Es Una Cosa Fenomenal/Life is a Wonderful Thing

WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Marcantoni


An ode to San Juan and the power of memory, where mourning the past informs the desire to build a new Puerto Rican society after Hurricane María.

RABIOSA by Nelson Diaz-Marcano


A woman argues with Hurricane Maria after Maria has taken her grandmother and reaked destruction on everything around her. 

3. Where will donations be sent to?

We are currently working with a direct contact in Puerto Rico who is, herself, a downtown indie theater artist like us and former employee of the Horse Trade Theater Group which runs The Kraine Theater, where the event will take place. This artist is working in tandem with a network of approximately eight local grassroots organizations including Taller Salud, Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico, Organización Boricuá, El Hormiguero, Encuentro de Organizaciones Ambientales, El Llamado - as well as several self-organized community brigades that are doing community work all around the island, identifying urgent needs in order to handle the aid and encouraging self-organizing. At the time being, they are in urgent need of essential aid - food, water, solar products, filters and health and hygiene products which are rapidly becoming more scarce - for distribution. Funds we raise on Friday will be combined with funds raised on Saturday by another event at The Kraine to go towards these organizations. All that is to say that people should come to the shows at The Kraine Theater this weekend if they want to know that their ticket price and money donation is going directly to the people who need it most. 

4. Can readers donate to your fund even after the show airs?

This is a detail we are still working out! For now, I would say direct your money to the Hispanic Federation—which seems to be the most effective large organization from our research. We hope to continue getting supplies directly to the people who need it the most, so we also hope to continue collecting items they are requesting and mailing directly to our contact on the ground. 

5. What message are you wanting to send to the Puerto Rican people?

 You are not alone, we have not forgotten you, and we are here to continue helping you. 

Answers compiled by our producing team: Ashley Jacobson, Elizabeth Sarkady, Nelson Diaz-Marcano, Rebecca Aparicio