MEET THE PUBLISHER: Broken River Books

We welcome Broken River Books to the Lounge to discuss their philosophy and upcoming projects.

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Tell us about the mission of your publishing house and why you started it.

I started Broken River to provide crime fiction that was a little bit left of center. Now the press publishes pretty much whatever I think is cool. So it's different in the fact that I have strange tastes in good books.

What do you offer writers that they cannot find at another press?

We're currently moving into a model that will put the authors completely in control of their royalties. We also offer a unique aesthetic through-line that we've cultivated over the past four years.

Tell us about the books you have released and/or upcoming releases.

We've published books like Zero Saints by Gabino Iglesias, which is a bilingual crime novel about magic and revenge, Gravesend by William Boyle, about the lives of down on their luck criminals in Brooklyn, Peckerwood by Jedidiah Ayres, about Southern lowlifes trying to find the next score, and Itzá by Rios de la Luz, which is an active magical spell designed as a book about trauma. Upcoming we have Jack Waters by Scott Adlerberg, an historical revenge thriller, and Black Gypsies by Grant Wamack, a Chicago-based, gritty noir.

 Purchase Zero Saints  Here.

Purchase Zero Saints Here.

 Purchase Itzá  Here.

Purchase Itzá Here.

What do you feel writer's need to do to be successful?

Be friendly, write books, and stop caring so much. It's supposed to be fun.

What challenges do you see in the industry that your press addresses?

The major problem with small presses is that they do nothing to help indie authors in any way, shape, or form. I hope that we can continue to build a reputation that helps authors, in addition to providing them with the financial independence to buy a few nice things.

What is your attitude toward conferences and how do you gain exposure for authors outside of the usual festival and conference circuit?

Not a fan of conferences outside of socializing and drinking beer. I'm investigating libraries, and independent bookstores are an incredibly important resource.

What are your five year goals for your company?

Keep doing what I'm doing, and keep having fun.

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