Life and Death by Marian Tuck

Life and Death


Death comes from the shadows

and here he walks and wanders

The light has always fled from him

And this, he often ponders


He is no different than any other being,

He does his job, no more no less

But still the light is fleeing

The shadows glide ‘round him, always coming to caress

While he wishes there was someone to which he could confess


His existence is a harsh reality, one he can’t escape

He is a walking nightmare with bones along his cape

Yet what he yearns for most in this awful, blesséd world

Is a single maiden, whose hair is auburn curled


This single maiden, whom he could never have,

The source of light, so shining bright, Life would take his hand

Their love is strong, but ever since the creation that is man

Alas, cruel Fate keeps them apart,

An expanse that can’t be spanned


Death could never come to Life, and Life never to Death

The harsh truth and the beautiful lie can never share a breath

Their existence is essential,without them there is nothing

But without each other near their existence turns to suffering


Death’s lonely wanderings take him through the woods

This realm that they both share, where nothing is for good

In this place where there is constant life and death

The distance shrinks, and each can glimpse the other’s lonely face

Separated forever more, by the fell hand of Fate


But because this love is strong, they carry through the day

That single glimpse is enough, he will find a way

Death could never come to Life, and Life never to Death

                     But as long as they are here they can be at rest