Republican Xmas 2016 by L. Woodswalker

Republican Xmas 2016


On the nite before Xmas on our capital's street

Republican congressmen secretly meet.

“Our candidate won! Now's our big chance!

Let's kick those liberals right in the pants.”


“Don't look for a gift in your stocking today...

instead of presents, we'll take things away!

Cut back on healthcare and medicare too...

just go to church. God will cure you!


Let's take away weekends and holiday pay,

be glad you have work for 5 dollars a day.

If you should get pregnant, don't worry none,

you've still got the freedom to carry a gun.


We love America. Hail to our flag!

We don't like no brown folks or wetbacks or fags.

America first. To hell with the rest,

the white European's the best of the best.


We'll balance the budget. You know what that means...

no supper tonight for you welfare queens.

But we do need a raise, say 500 grand

for the hardworking GOP congress man.


Don't try to smoke pot or do anything fun,

'cause joy is now outlawed. Let's turn off the sun!

We'll cackle while liberals drown in their tears...

Crappy Xmas to all for 4 gloomy years.”