Creative Writing Should Not be Taught in Colleges

What kind of writer do you want to be? An artist, or someone who just types? You want to impress others, or do you want to challenge yourself? The answers to those questions, I would wager, would determine whether you should join the ranks of future academics, or the ranks of future artists.  

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To Risk the Sea by Gabby Gilliam

Gabby Gilliam lives just outside of Washington, D.C. with her husband, son, and two goldfish named Bulbasaur and Staryu. Her son may be slightly obsessed with Pokemon. She has an English degree in a cardboard tube somewhere in her basement. Her poetry has appeared in The Fredericksburg Literary and Arts Review.

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How could I have known I was going to become this important to you? by Tonya Rivera

Tonya Rivera is a New Mexico-based writer and founder of the Every Ability Plays Project, which seeks to build special playgrounds that can be used by children with disabilities. For more information on the Every Ability Plays Project, visit You can also donate to the project by sending a check to VSA Arts of New Mexico. The address is 4904 4th Street North West Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107. Please make out checks to VSA Arts of New Mexico.

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Poem for My Daughter on the Morning of the Women’s March by Jessica Helen Lopez

Jessica Helen Lopez, former poet laureate of Albuquerque, NM and renowned slam poet, recited this powerful poem at Santa Fe's Women's March on January 21, 2017. Her piece launches our series of anti-Trump art that will dominate the lounge through March of this year, roughly covering the first 100 days of the Trump era.

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How Black Culture has Shaped Our Lives

I recently sat down with Across the Margin creator Michael Shields, a longtime friend and artistic brother, to discuss how we, as non-black people, owe so much of our worldview, our artistic and personal taste, and collective joy to black art. Our conversation is done to pay respect to the influence and beauty of the black experience, and show how that experience is above all else, human.

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"Tears of the New Year" from Spanish Coffee/Black, No Sugar by A.B. Lugo

Spanish Coffee/Black, No Sugar is a collection of poems written for each week of 2016. From sexual encounters to humorous observations to mourning the deaths of his parents, A.B. Lugo takes us on an intimate journey as the year unfolds before him. Spanish Coffee is a celebration of life, a meditation on suffering, and a treatise on opening one's heart to every experience that presents itself.

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SanTana's Fairy Tales "Just A House"

SanTana’s Fairy Tales is an oral history, storytelling project initiated by author Sarah Rafael García, which integrates community-based narratives to create contemporary fairytales and fables that represent the history and stories of Mexican/Mexican-American residents of Santa Ana (inspired by the Grimms’ Fairy Tales).


The forthcoming exhibit at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, California will present a multi-media installation, curated in collaboration with local visual, musical, and performance artists. The exhibit will showcase bilingual, single-story zines, a fully illustrated published book, an ebook, a large format classical book, graphic art by Sol Art Radio‘s Carla Zarate, an “open book” performance, along with composed music by Viento Callejero‘s Gloria Estrada, who is supported by local singer/songwriter Ruby Castellanos and members of the Pacific Symphony. The entire collection will be translated by poet Julieta Corpus and published by Raspa Press. The ebook will be produced by Digitus Indie Publishers.


SanTana’s Fairy Tales is supported in part by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, through a grant supporting the Artist-in-Residence initiative at CSUF Grand Central Art Center. The exhibit is scheduled for March 2017 with an open book performance on April 1st, 2017.


To learn more about Sarah Rafael García & SanTana's Fairy Tales, visit:

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Excerpt from The Ghost of Porfirio by Ricardo Félix Rodriguez

Ricardo Félix Rodriguez's follow up to 2014's The Surreal Adventures of Dr. Mingus returns with himself as the main character in an odyssey that takes him from Sonora to Paris to find his friend, a writer who has become involved with a group of evil poets who are plotting a global revolution. 

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AJ Sidransky's Cristian

El Rubio is coming today.  I like el Rubio.  He likes me too.  I do many things for him when he’s here.  Every morning when he’s here I go to Nelson’s house and I wait for him on the porch to get up.  Then, when he comes out of his bedroom he sees me and he calls out to me, “mijo.”  I like when he calls me mijo.  Then he opens the locks and he lets me in the house. 

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